March 28, 2012

the dark side of soy

another good article to reference. read it HERE.

cow, soy, almond, rice... headache...

we suspect that olivia is lactose intolerant. since birth she has been on special formula and soy formulas for colic. recently after her first birthday we switched her to cows milk only to have a fussy, gassy and, well, poopy baby on our hands.

our pediatrician recommends we switch her back to a soy milk but i am having some hesitations. i've heard too many bad things between the soy and estrogen relation that i am worried about blindly going back to soy without doing my research.

i did find an article from the la times that i found interesting and thought i'd share it HERE mainly as a place to bookmark it for myself but hopefully it may be a resource to you as well. and HERE is a graphic breaking down the nutrients in all of the milk options.

March 24, 2012

i am really loving my new iPhone app, red stamp, for sharing mobile uploads. my only problem is that I can't pick just one. so here are three fun photos of ozzie enjoying a scoop of red velvet ice cream on a warm spring day.

March 10, 2012

March 4, 2012


we were blessed with a few warm days recently, hopefully a preview of a lovely spring just around the corner. the kids and i decided to take advantage of our warm weather with a walk around the neighborhood followed by sidewalk chalk fun. 

this was olivia's first sidewalk chalk experience and she just loved it. ozzie, an old veteran to sidewalk chalk, also got a first- his first hopscotch game! i snapped a few pictures and played with my favorite new iphone app, red stamp. nothing makes us happier than sun in seattle!