February 7, 2009

Vintage Goblets

The hubby and I broke open a bottle of wine, a rare occasion for us these days since I am nursing our little guy, and to toast we used our favorite vintage wine goblets.

I love the goblets so much I thought I'd share with a post. I started collecting vintage goblets about three years ago when my girly friend bought me a set as a house warming present. She collects them as well and remembered how much I admired the goblets so she started me off with my own set when we moved into our new house. Here is the lovely pair she bought me.

I just love the beautiful colors and unique patterns. Unlike other collectors, I am not a stickler about the type of glass since my main purpose is to drink yummy wine from them. But for those who must know the goblets are usually Early American Patterned Glass, Pressed Glass, Depression Glass and I also like Milk Glass.

It's great because each stem runs anywhere for $5 to $10 dollars, cheap! And it doesn't really matter if one breaks because each glass is different (at least in my collection). Plus you don't have to worry about accidentally picking up someone else's glass of wine when entertaining. My husband loves them because they feel sturdy and he prefers that to the typical delicate wine glass.

Vintage goblets- a fun and cost effective antique collection- Cheers!


  1. Debbie, I help my niece collect antique keys and broaches, so I'll keep my eye out for unique goblets. I also love milk glass, so I understand the appeal.