May 23, 2010

Andy's gr8 Birthday!

My nephew, Andrew, turns 8 tomorrow and I threw him a family birthday party this weekend. I went with the gr8 theme since it was his 8th birthday.

I am sure that I've mentioned my ongoing love and devotion to Andy before. I pretty much love him as if he was my own child and would do just about anything that he asked. So when he asked for a birthday party and I quote, "Like Ozzie's with candy, a banner and a pinata", how could I say no?

Since it was just family, I kept it small and simple but still had fun preparing. I love the little details.


Banner, candy bar and favors table.

The real hit of the party- chocolate chip m&m cookies. Yum!


Made Ina Garten's baked brie with honey after trying it at a friends house. Um try it now! HERE!

I am a bad Auntie and did not get a picture of Andy hitting the pinata. I must've been eating a m&m cookie. I did get a couple of shots of Ozzie and little Megan in her ball gown. She's too cute!

And sweet little Meg. All girl, all day, everyday!
Passing the stick on to the big kids to break the pinata.

One last picture of Ozzie. Here he is complaining that he has to share the stick.

I am really hoping my cousin got some shots of the other kids hitting the pinata. I was responsible enough to get a few pictures of Andy blowing out his candle and opening presents.

I can't believe he's 8! One of my favorite baby memories of Andy was a night that I babysat. I was laying next to him in bed at bedtime and I started to rub his cheek; he reached out and rubbed my cheek back while looking straight into my eyes. He was just about Ozzie's age now. I will never forget that special moment with him.

Opening presents with Sam and Sophie. Arguably his two favorite people in the world- after Pepa of course.

Ozzie wanted to get in on that present opening action too.

Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you had a gr8 8th birthday and I love you!

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