November 9, 2010

Museum of Flight

Ozzie has been on an airplane kick lately, so Oscar and I took him to the Museum of Flight in Seattle. We thought he'd go nuts and love it but I think he was a little overwhelmed. He kept looking at the airplanes as if he was wondering why they were so close and not flying high up in the air.

The museum has a kids area where you can climb onto planes and pretend to pilot them. Ozzie wanted nothing to do with this. It's almost as if he thought the plane was going to fly away. Too cute!

So Ozzie had an okay time but Oscar and I enjoyed ourselves. Two exhibits that were fun to see were Air Force One from Nixon and Kennedy's presidencies and the British Airways Concorde. We really enjoyed the World War I and World War II exhibits as well.

We managed to get a few pictures from our adventure.

First up the Space Shuttle flight simulator

Next the view from the space station

Of course I dressed Ozzie in his "A is for Astronaut" t-shirt

The kids Flight Zone

Um is this the exact same hair or what?

The one plane we could get him to sit in.

Planes in the museum

Look Mommy cars!

Totally not where he is supposed to be!

This gives you a perspective on the size of this plane.

A family of astronauts!

Once again I took way too many pictures for one post, so I will stop here. Up next the control tower, WWI, WWII, Air Force One, The Concorde and sitting on a really old airplane.

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