November 12, 2010

Toasted Coconut Cake

As I've mentioned before I am pregnant. Seven months pregnant to be exact. And all I want during this pregnancy is dessert (except for a short scrambled eggs period earlier on). As a non-pregnant person, I am partial to dessert- okay who am I kidding, I am ALWAYS ready for dessert. So as a pregnant person, dessert is pretty much on my mind twenty-four seven.

In my quest to conquer my pregnancy cravings, I remembered the coconut cake that I had at Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay's restaurant, in New York. It was definitely in my top 5 restaurant desserts of my life- yes it's that good. So I looked it up on the Food Network and made it earlier this week.

It is time consuming, as I'm sure any good dessert is, but so worth it in the end. I did leave out the rum in the custard partly because I am pregnant but mainly because I didn't want to make an extra trip to the liquor store. It's not as pretty as Bobby Flay's but just as good!

My taste tester liked it too! Click HERE for the recipe.

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