February 1, 2012

olivia's 1st birthday

today is olivia's first birthday. she really does complete our family and we could not be more blessed that God graced us with a little girl. there are days when i could squeeze her sweet little body and take a bite out of those gorgeous chubby thighs! 

olivia's first word was "mama", she can take 4 steps, she cracks herself up, her smile literally lights up a room, she claps, blows kisses, waves goodbye and shows you that she is one on demand, she adores her big brother, she loves any and every kind of food, cuddles up to fabric and stuffed animals, she screams in delight when taking baths, she is so ready to talk and she is already pretend playing with big brother's toys.

i couldn't fit all of these olivia facts on this pictures so i picked a few of my favorite.

then i couldn't decide which pictue i liked better so i'm adding both. can't help it, i'm biased.

happy first birthday my darling baby girl!

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