March 25, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

In order to keep the house clean or clean enough, I've created a schedule for myself where I accomplish a few chores around the house everyday. It usually takes me no more than 30 minutes and I get to spend the rest of the day playing with Ozzie; not to mention my weekends are free to enjoy time with Oscar. I love my cleaning schedule, it basically keeps me sane.

Lately Ozzie has decided that he wants to help Mommy complete here chores. You bet I gave him his own floor duster and let him at it. After all, this will only last for so long; soon enough I'll be nagging at Ozzie to help clean house.

After our chores, we decided to have some whole wheat banana bread as a snack. Ozzie took his outside. I have no idea why he chose to eat it by the fence but I thought he was funny enough for a picture.

A little dirt makes banana bread taste even better.

Here he is coming to ask me for more. He realizes about half way to me that I will tell him to finish what he has on his plate first and quickly shoves it in his mouth. So predictable!

Sweeping floors makes a hungry helper!

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