June 7, 2010

Casper Babypants

Ozzie and I went to the Casper Babypants concert at our local library last month. The lead singer is Chris Bellew, former lead singer of the Seattle band, The Presidents of the United States. He has left the rock/grunge genre and made his way to kids music. The music is really good; not too kiddish and funny enough for parents.

Ozzie loves music and loves to sing and dance, so I knew he would really enjoy this concert. Here are a few pictures and videos from our adventure.

If pictures weren't enough, I shot a few videos.

This video cracks me up because Ozzie is a little more interested in his cheddar bunnies. It must have been close to lunch time. When he finally does decide to participate, he is a few steps behind but the little girl next to him is right on point with the band.

I bought the CD after the concert and played Ozzie's favorite song "Run Baby Run" when we got home. It is really close to nap time so all of his energy is gone but he's trying. I should call this "Ozzie in slow motion".

All of Casper Babypants concerts are free so make sure to check him out with your toddler or preschooler. I bet they will love it!

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