September 27, 2010

Birthday Party Details

I know I am the only one who really cares about this stuff but making homemade goodies for Ozzie's birthday parties really does make me happy so here are the details......

The Invitation and Mailing Labels

I couldn't figure out how to keep the background on the invitation white when converting the pdf for my blog but you get the picture.

Homemade Train Shaped Playdough Favors
This was my favorite project for Ozzie's birthday. I always wanted to give homemade playdough a try. So when I saw a train shaped cookie cutter for $.99, I knew it was time.

The recipe:
Combine in a sauce pan- 1cup flour, 1/4 cup salt, 1 tsp. cream of tartar
Add and whisk until smooth- 1 cup water, 1 Tbsp oil Food coloring (I prefer the gel)
Cook over medium heat until nearly playdough is nearly set. Add: 1 T vanilla extract
Stir until vanilla is blended, then remove and knead when cool.
Roll to desired thickness and cut out shapes or store in air tight container if you are not making cut out shapes.
I wrapped each train in clear bags and tied it off with blue/white bakers twine.

The vanilla adds a yummy scent and helps your hands from drying out when playing with the dough.

Favor Bags
I found the "Thomas and Friends" logo online and replaced it with Ozzie's 2nd Birthday. Probably breaking a million copy right laws but it was for personal use so I'm not worried about anyone knocking on my door. I did attempt to find the exact Thomas font but it was going for $200 online and even I know that is ridiculous.

After printing out the logo, I glued one to each bag and filled the bag with a train conductor's hat, a train whistle (sorry parents), Thomas stickers and train lollipops. Easy pleasey.

Birthday Garlands

Table Top

Pretty blue and white flowers from the Farmer's Market the morning of the party. I wrapped old spaghetti jars with Thomas card stock to store the utensils. Lunch was a buffet (menu coming soon) so I did not set the tables.

I really loved those bouquets and put one everywhere I could.

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