October 15, 2010

Maui Part I

About a week after visitng New York, we were fortunate enough to high tail it out of rainy Seattle (it happened to be raining a lot the week we left) and head to Maui for a family vacation. We traveled with another family who happen to be three of our favorite people so our vacation was three times more fun!

I was pretty worried about the plane ride since it was Ozzie's first time on a plane. I am happy to report that he did great! No crying and he slept during both the take off and landing. He did get a little fussy towards the end of the flight right before he fell asleep but it is a six hour flight and even the adults were getting restless.

All I have to say here is thank God for portable DVD players, snacks and toys!

This is the amazing view that greeted us when we got to our room. The condo we rented was right on the water with a beach and a pool- perfect for traveling with kids!

 Day 1- the beach! Surprisingly Ozzie loved the water and wasn't scared to get in.

This is at the beach in front of our condo. Ozzie decided he wanted to be the like the adults and sit in a lounge chair by the water.

More fun at the beach in front of our condo

When the beach got too windy, we just headed up to our pool.

Our favorite beach was Makena beach about 10 minutes away. You can see Ozzie had a blast running into and away from the waves and playing in the sand.

Another day at Makena beach, playing with Dad.

When the tide was out, you could walk all the way out to the rock wall at our beach. I shot some pictures of Oscar on the rock wall from our balcony.

I thought I'd end this post with completely inappropriate pictures of my toddler drinking guava juice out of a margarita glass. Guess he saw the adults drinking wayyy too much! Notice its morning and he's still in his pajamas- not that the adults started drinking at breakfast. *wink*

Stay tuned for part two...

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