October 28, 2010

Thomasson Farm

We went to our favorite local pumpkin farm, Thomasson Farm, again this year for our pumpkins. The farm is loaded with fun stuff for the kids to do along with a huge u-pick pumpkin patch. Once again we were blessed with a warm Fall day. That makes two years in a row. Who says it always rains in Seattle?!

Here are some pictures of our adventure on the farm.

First up were the huge bubbles. Ozzie didn't quite understand and tried to blow the bubbles out of the wands instead of waving the wand around.

After a quick turn down the slides, we moved on to the water table.

Oscar and Ozzie lassoing a calf.

This is as far as we got in the corn jumper. He pretty much hated it and wanted out immediately.

I have no idea why but for some reason Ozzie kept yelling at the farm animals. So we high tailed it outta there before they started yelling back.

Down the huge slide and the toddler sized hay maze.

Oscar and Ozzie in jail. After going in alone, Ozzie asked Oscar to join him. He's no fool, no one wants to be in jail alone. I love the pictures where they are pleading to be released!

Apple and mini-pumpkin sling shot. I don't know who had more fun between the two of them.

Ozzie multi-tasked the tractor ride with lunch. There was way too much going on to stop for lunch.

Playing with the "cows".

Once we hit the sandbox, we had a hard time convincing Ozzie to do anything else. He is all boy and loves his trucks and construction cars.

You can see why this is our favorite pumpkin farm, all of this for $6 (parents are free) and we haven't even got to the pumpkin patch yet! 

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