April 28, 2012


we have upped the ante since our last volcano. i guess that is what older cousins are for. ozzie sure does love when andy visits!

April 27, 2012


oscar and i both celebrated our birthdays in april. i was lucky enough to have my favorite nephew andrew join us on my day. oscar surprised me with a coconut cake, my favorite, from a great local bakery. ozzie and andy helped me blow out the candle.

on oscar's birthday ozzie and i made him his favorite dessert, oatmeal raisin cookies. ironically our birthday desserts couldn't sum us up more. me = coconut cake. super complicated, lots of layers and you either love it or you hate it. oscar = oatmeal raisin cookies. everyone's favorite, reminds you of home, comfort and love. oye!

cloud dough

thanks to pinterest we have been trying different sensory crafts lately. one ozzie particularly liked was cloud dough or as he called it "snow".

i found this pin for cloud dough but cut the recipe in half, it kept both kids busy while i cooked dinner. actually it was the quietest hour before dinner ever in the history of our family. the hour before dinner is what i like to call our bewitching hour- tired, hungry and sometimes bored kids equals a short ride to crazy town! the cloud dough kept the kids so busy i finished dinner early and had time to snap a few pictures.

April 6, 2012

preschool corn box

the only time i don't mind if corn is used as a filler. hee hee...

fireman ozzie

ozzie's preschool teacher made fire trucks for all of the kids in his class this week in preparation for their field trip to the fire station. ozzie loved his truck so much we played with it all day after preschool. his imagination ran wild and he asked me to make him an ax, a fire station to park his truck, a fire hose and to make his play kitchen on fire so he could put the fire out.

of course i took shot a video. there are so many things wrong with it- my shaky hand from laughing, his pants are falling off, my incorrect usage of the english language and the quality of blogger video upload but he's having so much fun i had to share.

firemen ozzie to the rescue- enjoy!