January 23, 2009

Book Plates

I saw these on my friend Colleen's blog, overcocktails, and had to post about it myself. I come from a long line of avid readers and book lovers and I just know that every person in my family would love these book plates from Ex Libris over at Felix Doolittle.

What a beautiful way to personalize your book collection. If your family is like mine the best books are often shuffled between family members who want to share a good read. These book plates can help everyone in the family remember the rightful owner. I personally would buy the birds nest plates, as pictured above, since I am a lover of birds nest as mentioned in my previous post on January 17th.

They also have book plates for your children's books. Your child's favorite book could become the next family heirloom as it is passed down from generation to generation. What a wonderful way to encourage young readers.

Another great find are the Bakers Label, From the Kitchen of All About O! As an avid reader and lover of home baked goods, I may have to snatch up a few of these not only for gifts but also for myself!


  1. Love the idea of book plates for Children's books! I also hope to make books a family heirloom...for that day they no longer exist and we're all reading off touch screens! Ha.

    Love the birds nests. Very Debbie!

  2. or that book gadget you bought on amazon?!