September 24, 2009

Cannon Beach

As I mentioned earlier, Oscar and I took Ozzie down to Cannon Beach Oregon for a mini-vacation over Labor Day.

It was our first family vacation, although Oscar calls it a staycation because we didn't travel anywhere by plane. I was pretty nervous about Ozzie sleeping in a hotel room and how he would handle the long drive down and back. You really never know what is going to happen with a one year old.

I am happy to report that Ozzie did great! We requested a pack 'n play so that we didn't have to pack our own, with sheets and lovies {aka stuffed animals} from home Ozzie slept great! I kind of felt bad that I didn't give him enough credit until we had our first meal.

Ozzie decided that he hated eating at restaurants and took it upon himself to scream bloody murder at all of our meals. No kiddie toy or crayon would satisfy him. Oscar and I ate in shifts and scarfed our food down at record pace. I am so glad that I had the forethought to book a hotel with a full kitchen. This came in handy when we surrendered to our toddlers naughty behavior and stopped eating out. I would still like to offer a formal apology to all those restaurant patrons that had to listen to my son's ear piercing scream. Oh and another apology to the bus boys that had to clean the mess on the floor. Apparently while screaming Ozzie thought it would be super fun to throw all of his food, kiddie crayons, napkins, utensils, all of our straws and anything else within reach on the floor. Eating out was a joy.

So eating out was no fun but the rest of the trip was great. Ozzie loved the beach, the water and even managed to sit happily in his stroller while we window shopped through downtown Cannon Beach. The hotel where we stayed at had bunnies that Ozzie tortured every day. I am sure the bunnies were happy to see the Oroscos check out. Oscar took Ozzie for a late night stroll along the water and I got some much needed alone time that I used for more shopping. I could spend hours in little boutiques. In fact, I did spend hours in little boutiques. It only drizzled on us one day so we got in lots of beach time but are thinking next year we will go in July when it's super hot and we can hang on the beach all day.

Here are some pictures from our mini-vacation. If you want to see more pictures of Ozzie on the beach, posing by Haystack Rock, on the beach and on the beach click HERE. Enjoy!

Spotted the bunnies upon check in

More bunny wrangling

Walking with Daddy along the beach

Ready to shovel some sand

Got tired of walking, wanted a ride in his wagon.

Posing in front of Haystack Rock

An evening walk with Daddy

Posing for Daddy

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