September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Oscar and I are taking Ozzie to Cannon Beach Oregon over Labor Day weekend and the week after. Below is a picture of Cannon Beach's famous Haystack Rock. Look at those miles and miles of beach for us to explore. How lucky are we in the Pacific Northwest to have these beautiful destinations within driving distance?

It will be Ozzie's first trip to the ocean, Oscar's first time to the Oregon Coast and our first family vacation! Although Oscar likes to call it a staycation because we are not traveling anywhere by plane. I'm thinking that the definition of a vacation to Oscar involves a plane ride to a hot destination and fruity drinks served with miniature umbrellas. Anywhere that takes four hours to get to by car and requires a stay at a hotel is a vacation if you ask me.

Since I will be gone most of the week, I will no be posting any updates for awhile. I am wondering how I will handle a week away from my blog addiction but this is a much needed vacation for us since Oscar has been very busy at work and Ozzie and I are in desperate need of some new scenery.

I have no idea how sleeping in a hotel will be with Ozzie. God bless the other patrons is all I can say. Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, anything that will cross, that Ozzie's sleep is not disturbed too much and we get some rest. I'm sure we'll need a vacation from or vacation but isn't that what summer vacations are all about? When the week is over, Oscar will be running back to work and I'll be so happy to have Ozzie sleeping in his crib again.

Rested or not the Oregon Coast has some cute little towns for us to explore and miles of beach that will bring us many new adventure I'm sure.

I hope your Labor Day is happy and safe and that you are spending it with your favorite people too!

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