September 14, 2009

Chickin Feed

I saw this nutritional tracking chart from Chickin Feed in the October issue of Parents magazine and thought it was very clever.

The daily chart helps moms track what their child is eating to assure every food group is hit.

Now that Ozzie has entered toddlerhood his eating habits change hourly, on any given day he may gobble it down at lunch and spit it out at dinner. I fear he is headed down the picky eater path. So I definitely could benefit from this daily reminder. Also once he is old enough to understand, I could use the chart as a game to get him more interested in nutrition.

Chickin Feed also offers the cutest plates with portion sizes printed right on them for your kids to get a good visual of a balanced meal and a retro cookbook filled with activities and shopping tips. All great ideas!

I also love that the company is the brainchild of a mom who was trying to keep her own children's nutrition in check. Mothers really do know best!

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