December 21, 2009

Argosy Cruise

In November our niece celebrated her 13th birthday by taking all of her friends on an Argosy Cruise around Seattle. Our boat, The Goodtime III, took us from Lake Union through the Ballard Locks to Pier 56 on the waterfront as a part of the Locks Cruise.

It is always fun to play tourist in your hometown. Seattle is such a beautiful city, even on a cold November day. Everyone especially liked sailing past the famous Sleepless in Seattle houseboat and going through the Ballard Locks. Seeing the Seattle skyline from the water is also quite spectacular. When the cruise was over, we ended with a pizza party at the Pier and a carousel ride.

Here are some pictures from our day of playing tourists.

Watching our boat go through the Ballard Locks

Mmm... pepperoni stick...

Got bored outside and decided to go through someones bags for treats.

Look Mommy I found water!

That wasn't exciting enough. What's in here?

Looking at the waves with Daddy

Family self portrait

Posing with Daddy

Posing with Mommy

It was really windy outside.

Checking out the horse on the waterfront.

Carousel ride!

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