December 13, 2009

Circular Scarf

My friends and I just had our annual gift exchange dinner and as usual it was so much fun. Every year we play the white elephant game with a gift in the $20 range. This year the theme was a "favorite" thing.

If you have never played the white elephant game, here is a brief explanation.

Each player brings a gift that meets the party criteria. Again this year ours was $20 and a favorite item.
The participants pick a number.
The first person chooses a gift to unwrap.
The second person can either steal their gift or choose to unwrap another present.
Each gift can only be stolen three times before it is laid to rest in the hands of the lucky owner!
Since the first person did not get a chance to steal, she can choose anyones gift at the end of the game and that person is forced to take her gift.

I bet you can imagine how a little (okay a lot of wine) and 14 girl friends can get out of hand when a particularly lovely gift is opened.

This year it was the circular scarf. Two friends actually bought the scarf for the game and both were stolen to the limit of three times. Every one of us wanted those lovelies! The fangs were out and the taunting was endless. It was great great fun!

The scarves were such a hit I thought I'd share the idea as a possible Christmas gift for the lady in your life.
HERE is a link to American Eagles version but you can find the scarf in just about every department store. It is so versatile and can be worn three different ways, making it a must have for every women's winter wardrobe.

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