December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve Dance

Forget the traditional Christmas music, Ozzie wants to dance!

On Christmas Eve morning, after our traditional pancake breakfast, we found ourselves with some time to spare before heading out to my cousin's for our family gift exchange. In true Christmas spirit, Oscar decided to turn on Jay Sean (Down), you know your typical Christmas music. Hee hee. Ozzie loved it and got down! I think he was still high from the blueberry pancakes with whip cream and had some energy to burn off.

He gets his rhythm from his Mom. :) My favorite move is his shoulder shrug. I don't know how he did it but I swear it is the "snake"! Also notice he signs "eat" towards the end of his jig. Guess the dancing made him hungry again.

I apologize about the angle, I turned my camera vertically and totally screwed up the video. Another reason why my husband is in charge of all electronics in our home.

Enjoy and I hope your Christmas Eve was as fun as ours!

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