February 16, 2010

Valentine Play Date

Ozzie and I hosted a Valentine play date for one of our mom/baby Meet Up groups. When the organizers of our group asked for volunteers I knew I wanted to host a Valentine play date so that I had an excuse to decorate the house even more than usual. I love Valentines day!

Three moms brought their kiddos over and all of the kids played together well. Ozzie loved the company and was wayyyy excited. He screamed so loud he made one little boy cry. Oh and he tried to force feed another little boy his sippy cup and kazoo but other than that, it was a good time all around.

Our play date was in the morning so I went with light snacks. Whole wheat banana bread (recipe coming soon), raisins, apple slices and apple juice.

Since I don't throw adult dinner parties anymore, I broke out my vintage goblets for water glasses. Just because it was a baby play date doesn't mean moms can't drink out of something pretty; and why collect vintage goblets if you don't use them every chance you get?! I really love that none of them match.

Definitely stuck with the Valentines theme for the table top. Who says you can't use doilies for little boys parties? Okay you really shouldn't use doilies for little boys parties, UNLESS it's Valentine's Day.

Here is a picture of Ozzie inspecting my work.

And then he got distracted by a drawer full of awesome stuff!

It was a special treat to eat lunch here instead of in his high chair. 

And juice was a super special treat.

About half way through lunch Ozzie decided that he wanted to eat in his high chair. I think he knew it was in closer proximity to the juice boxes. Don't worry he didn't get ALL the juice.

I sent each family home with heart shaped brownies (recipe coming soon) in the famous Twig and Thistle Valentine brownie bags; though I printed on white bags.

Ozzie and I really enjoy our mom/baby groups and hope to have more play dates in the future. Out of respect for the other families (I don't know if they want to be on the blogosphere) I only took pictures of my decorations and Ozzie.

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