February 1, 2010

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

Since attending The Little Gym, Ozzie has learned to run and jump and climb on everything. While I appreciate the improved gross motor skills and the energy burning activity once a week, I sometimes wonder if teaching him these new skills were really such a great idea. Especially since he has now figured out how to climb on to the kitchen chairs. Which, of course, are counter height and not child proof.

It is really fun when you put a cup of yogurt on top of the kitchen table to keep him from spilling it and he climbs up and spills it anyway.

He really doesn't find my threats well... threatening.

He found some edamame while up here and decided to have a light snack.

And here he is on a completely different day doing his now favorite activity.

Look Mommy lemons!

And kiwi...

He is completely ignoring me here.

The table, the chairs, the hardwood floors, the ceramic fruit bowl- how many accidents waiting to happen can you count here?

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