May 11, 2009

Do Just One Thing and Do It Well

Just when I committed to electronic tasks and to do lists on my Blackberry- save a tree right?- I find these lovely and free downloadable lists from Baca Creative, also featured on Le Blahg. Oh the agony of not being able to use these! Can I cheat just this once?

Photo courtesy of Le Blahg

Aren't they pretty? I love lists. The only thing better than a good list is crossing off a task once you've completed it. Call me crazy but the shear joy of looking down at my crumpled piece of paper with my cat scratch notes and a crossed out "completed task" makes me {swoon}.

It was so hard for me to commit to an electronic to do list. Honestly I hate it. Just not as much fun. Once you complete a task, it just gets deleted. Goes away into space. No fun crossed out, wrinkled page to look at with a feeling of accomplishment. Boo!

Imagine all the fun I'd have with these lovelies? Every addict has to fall off the wagon once right? I can rationalize anything and have officially convinced myself that this is okay. Off to download...


  1. Debbie- Love your blog! What a wonderful family that you have! Hope that you enjoy the lists! Have a creative day!

  2. Nice find buddy! These are great! :)
    Super cute.