May 12, 2009

She Can Make My Lunch Any Day

I stumbled across Wendolonia today via Everyday Celebrating and fell in love with the bento boxed lunches she makes for her son, Wyatt.

Here is where you close your mouth. It's okay mine was wide open with AWE too!

What a great way to "say" I love you to your child everyday and how clever of her to get fruits and veggies AND TOFU in her little guy! Really you must visit her site and see the 175 lunches she's made for her son over the past year.

Do I smell a Mommy of the Year Award or is it just that yummy tofu lunch?

*Photos courtesy of Wendolonia

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah. I'm getting those food markers. Look for a blog post hilighting my son's decorated lunch soon!

    His new teacher told me his lunches are the most organized and MOST BALANCED she's ever seen. I don't know... I'm just doing what makes me, at least. Glad to see I'm not alone in that illness!!

    ...Oh, and Ian LOVES tofu, so I'll definitely be trying some of those cut outs...if nothing else, to wow his teacher.

    Thanks for posting this, D! ;-D