August 29, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo

Last weekend Oscar and I took Ozzie on his first trip to the zoo. It has been years since either Oscar or I have been back to Woodland Park Zoo so it was a new adventure for the whole family.

Ozzie absolutely loved the zoo. He was growling at all of the animals. Ozzie loves to growl. When you ask him what a puppy, lion, cow or any other animal "says", he growls. So he was growling at all of the animals and shouting at all of the other zoo patrons. At one point he was hanging out of his stroller, pointing his finger at all of the passerbyers and happily shouting in baby babble/gibberish. He was really enjoying himself.

It was a fun summer day and well worth the drive into downtown Seattle. I am seriously considering buying an annual membership. A membership to the Woodland Park Zoo is about $100, so it really pays for itself after a few visits since adult admission is $16.50. I am thinking when Ozzie gets just a little older it will be well worth the cost. You really can't see all of the attractions in one visit and the zoo does a great job of adding new activities each season.

We are definitely planning our second visit. I think Halloween at the zoo would be a blast. Can you imagine all of the little babies running around dressed up as their favorite zoo animal? Too cute!

Below are some pictures from our fun outing!

We started with the hippos.

Then some cute little monkeys. This guy posed perfect for Oscar.


And tigers...

And bears. Oh my!

Orangutans were up next. My absolute favorite!!

Then the elephants.

The giraffe feeding experience. Ozzie was in absolute awe at how close the giraffes got. It was pretty amazing.

I think this picture of the giraffe against the sky is pretty.

The baby snow leopards were already asleep but I had my own snow leopards posing for me!

Another favorite of mine are gorillas. Here is a baby gorilla and his mama.

And another gorilla family.

We ended with the flamingos and penguins.

Hurray for summer days at the zoo!

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