October 24, 2009

Kelsey Creek Farm

Well one farm just wasn't enough for us this year so we decided to attend the Kelsey Creek Farm harvest festival after our visit to Remlinger Farms. This time we brought Andrew, my nephew, and my Dad along to join the fun.

If I had to pick my favorite park on the Eastside, Kelsey Creek is definitely it. I loved going there as a kid to look at the animals. I was always particularly struck by the bee house. I am not really sure why but I have vivid memories of loving the bee house. Go figure? As an adult I participated in a boot camp a couple of years ago and got a great workout running and hiking the trails that surround the park.

Their harvest festival was filled with tons of fun. Ozzie and Andy picked a mini-pumpkin to decorate, played with the animals {although Andy refused to pet the bunnies for some reason} and Andy jumped in the bouncy houses while Ozzie looked on with envy. Poor baby, soon enough his time will come.

Here are some pictures from our day at Kelsey Creek Park.

Playing in the on the playground. The playground was a little too young for Andrew but he's a trooper and played with Ozzie.

Until he got bored and sat down with Pepa. Did you notice Ozzie harassing the two ladies for their popcorn in the picture above. Funny thing is I didn't even catch that until I started this blog post. Poor gals, Ozzie can be demanding sometimes!

And here he is harassing a little girl for her sippy cup.

Luckily we found a water vendor. Playing can make you thirsty.

These ducks were hooting and hollering so loud we actually stopped what we were doing and followed the noise. Once we found them we had to take a picture with them. I couldn't get Ozzie to look at the camera or Andy to smile.

Andrew and Pepa decorating pumpkins.

Looking for pumpkins to decorate.

Here is two not so great pictures of Andrew going down the bouncy slide. I have no idea why his head is cut off in both pictures.

A few pictures of Ozzie pouting that he couldn't go in the bouncy house with the big kids. He stood outside of that bouncy house forever wondering why he couldn't go inside.

Andrew waiting in line for the slide. He's so handsome!

Ozzie running all over the grassy area. He just loves to run and run and run!

Andrew posing in the scarecrow maze. Not quite sure what he's doing in the second shot but he really wanted me to take it so I obliged.

Pepa and his grandsons. Andy's crazy posing again!

Another fun day with the family! I will cherish these moments forever.

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