January 30, 2010

Branch Art

Years ago I visited my friend Becky in Oregon to celebrate her bun in the oven. While there, I oohed and awed over a frame in her house made from tree branches. I thought it was such a beautiful way to bring nature inside and immediately asked her where she bought it so that I could run out and get one for my own house.

I've always been inspired by nature, especially birds (and their nests), branches and leaves. They are my favorite items to decorate with; it kind of always looks like Autumn in my house. Sadly Becky had no idea where her branch art came from because it was a gift. But she, being the awesome person that she is, reminded me that I could probably make it.

Fast forward to summer 2009, Oscar and I hired a landscaper to remove some old cherry trees from our backyard. Before he hauled the trees away, I remembered Becky's branch art and kept a few pieces to try and make my own.

Well it has definitely been the longest running project I've worked on. Most of the time the branches have been in the garage waiting for me to get to them but we finally did and I just love it! I really really love it!

Before starting construction I asked Becky for a quick picture to refresh my memory. Here is the original sent from her phone so the picture is fuzzy but it did help me to remember.

Here is the frame Oscar constructed for me over the summer. After picking the pieces I wanted, Oscar cut them into a square, pre-drilled holes into each piece and then secured them with small screws. Another fuzzy picture taken from my phone this time but you get the idea.

And after months in the garage, I finally got around to adding the smaller branches using wire and a glue gun. Oscar is going to secure the branches better with brads later but it is done in my book!

My version, on the wall and decorated for Valentines Day! I just love antique Valentines Day cards and think this is a great way to display them. Plus I get to add birds- have I told you how much I love birds? I do think I will add more moss, Becky's version has more moss and I'm leaning towards more moss. : )

Here are some detail shots. I'm in love with my new frame and can't wait to decorate it with each new season!

Funny thing is after months of not checking in, I recently visited my wedding florist's blog and saw her own branch art. Guess great minds think alike!