January 15, 2010

Imagination Movers

This is another late post. Can you tell I am still catching up from the holidays?

Oscar and I bought Ozzie tickets to the Imagination Movers concert at The Moore Theater as an early Christmas gift. Ozzie absolutely loves the Imagination Movers. He dances along to all the songs and even whips out his guitar to play along when he sees the Movers with their guitars.

Unlike other kids shows with dancing and singing, the Imagination Movers are actually pretty fun. They play real music and rock out instead of ridiculous songs sung by a big purple dinosaur. I am not a fan of Barney. Four dads who had a dream to teach kids rock music I can handle.

At first Ozzie didn't really get it. He had quite a look on his face. As if he was concerned that the Movers (and warehouse mouse) who are usually on his TV screen are now right in front of him and he couldn't figure out how that happened. But eventually he got into it and jammed out with the other kids and parents.

It was a good show, they played their songs and because we are in Seattle they threw in Pearl Jam and Soundgarden tributes for the parents. Oh and a  Journey song. It's not a rock concert without a Journey song! We even got up close and personal with Mover Rich who sat down in half empty row in front of us and gave everyone a high five.

We had a great time and would take Ozzie again if they have another tour as long as he still enjoys them as much as he does now. Here are some pictures from the concert.

Here is the "I'm concerned" face.

Mover Rich sat down in the row in front of us for high fives.

Warehouse mouse is Ozzie's favorie character.

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