January 26, 2010


All the parenting books tell you in order to avoid tantrums and melt downs parents should give their toddler choices. Claiming he is less likely to lose it if he feels involved in the decision.

So last week when Ozzie decided that he didn't want to leave the house to go to our Stroller Strides workout, I remembered this parenting advice and asked him if he would like to pick out a toy to take with him. He immediately perked up, ran to his toy bins to pick something out, then happily followed me out the door.

This has now become a part of our regular routine. Every time we have to leave the house for an errand, Stroller Strides or The Little Gym, I ask Ozzie to pick a toy that he would like to bring with him. So far it has worked like a charm.

Most days I am giggling at his choices. If I could just be inside the head of a toddler my life would be complete; or at least all of this would make sense... maybe.

Some of my favorites so far:
- an over sized beach ball
- the cover to the Austin Powers Goldmember DVD. Not the DVD just the cover.
- one Elmo shoe
- the handset to our old cordless phone
- another shoe that lights up
- and today a football (which he also sleeps with on occasion).

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