January 13, 2009

Save a Tree and Cancel a Catalog

If you are like me and dread going to your mailbox for fear of all the junk mail and catalogs you receive, you will love this website, www.catalogchoice.org.

Catalog Choice is a free online service that allows you to search for catalogs that you receive and choose the frequency of mailings that you prefer. How great is that?!

There are definitely some catalogs that I do not know how I got on the mailing list to begin with and no longer want to receive. There are many others that I enjoy receiving but may only want seasonal updates.

Two other great features:
  • You can add as many names to your account as you need. This is great for those of us who were recently married and changed our last names. I receive at least three catalogs addressed to both my maiden and married last name.
  • You can add as many addresses to your account as you need. I definitely receive catalogs at the office that I also receive at home. How does this happen?!?
Catalog Choice is not paying me for this advertisement, I simply love the service and want to shout it from the rooftops, er umm... I mean share it with others!

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