February 16, 2009

Only a first time mom will understand...

... how exciting it is that my little monkey sat in the big boy seat of the grocery cart for the first time today!! No more schlepping the heavy car seat around and now I can see where I'm going. I only stand at 5' 2" so seeing over the car seat attached to the grocery cart was difficult to say the least.

Ozzie is 6 1/2 months old now and he's such a big boy! I was so excited I took two pictures and emailed his dad at work. Daddy was equally excited at Ozzie's new adventure! Actually I emailed quite a few girly friends too since it's just so much fun to share. My friend Lisa said it best when she said his little world just got a little bigger- so true!

Here's my monkey enjoying the grocery store (or the grocery store parking lot) from a new view.

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