February 19, 2009

She's Outdone Herself!

My buddy Brooke over at Jackaroo love recently opened an Etsy shop, Little Retreats. And boy has she outdone even herself with one of her most recent paper bird cages.

This ivory beauty is one for the record books!

Check out her attention to the little details on the bottom of the cage. Not to mention the warm shade of ivory, so dreamy. I've always loved birds, birdcages and bird nests so naturally I am in L.O.V.E with this creation!

Brooke is so talented, I log on to her shop frequently to see what she has come up with next. Kudos good buddy! You are a rising star!

1 comment:

  1. Debbie, sweet Debbie! Your making me blush! Really truly…---> This is crazy Brooke blushing.

    Your kind words are so encouraging! :) Thank you for the wonderful shout out! A big ol’ paper ‘thank you’ treat is in high order! -The little birdie told me so! :)