February 21, 2009

Ozzie's First Word!

Exciting news from the house of O! Ozzie said his first word this week on Tuesday and hasn't stopped since. Out of the blue, no coaxing involved, he looks at me and says "mama."

Now I realize that he doesn't know what he's saying and that it's really just baby babble but it's still the sweetest sound I've ever heard in my life! Ever since then he babbles, "ma", "mama" and "mamamamamam". Nothing better!

Then on Wednesday he surprised me with his second word, "baba" or it could be "papa." I've been watching his lips closely to see if he is making the p or b sound but I can't quite tell yet. Ozzie doesn't drink out of a bottle so no one has ever said baba to him. This is my justification that it is papa.

It gets better, he also discovered a new fun noise this week, the puh sound. Ozzie finds this particularly fun when he has a mouth full of pureed baby food or saliva! If you are within spitting distance, beware!

So for those of us counting, Ozzie's official repertoire of sounds are.... drum roll please... mama, papa (or baba), roaring like a lion, blowing the raspberries and the puh sound, aside of course from the boring grunts and groans that are even more babblish than these sounds.

Ah the sweet joy of listening to your little one learn his first words, it really tugs at the heart strings. I was so proud of my little stinker that I had to take a few photos of him after he said, "Mama." Here he is after his doctor appointment and the famous first words!

Still teething and drooling all over his clothes (although no teeth have surfaced yet).

Got his Mariners cap on to celebrate the return of Griffey.

Baseball caps are always cuter backwards.

His just fell and kept on smiling. So I kept clicking away. It's his sexy pose. He's bringing sexy back!

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