December 29, 2010

Gingerbread House

Ozzie and I visited Nanay and Pepa's house when Andy was also visiting to make gingerbread houses earlier this month. Instead of buying a pre-made kit, I decided to make my own ginger bread. I used Martha's Gingerbread Snowflakes recipe and one of her many gingerbread house templates here. I did cheat and buy store bought icing because I didn't have the patience to make her royal icing as recommended. It's delicious but powdered sugar tends to end up all over the kitchen and sometimes I just don't feel like cleaning it up!

It was interesting to say the least. I cut out two houses, one per kid, but Pepa, in his effort to perfect the construction of Andy's house, crumbled it. Must be the engineer in him to want it perfect. So Andy helped Ozzie and I decorate Ozzie's house and gingerbread men. Ozzie contribution was eating one cookie and walking away.

gingerbread house 2010
Our house and men

Andy's gingerbread house
Andy posing in front of the Christmas tree with his house.

O and A gingerbread
Forcing Ozzie to pose in the picture.

I love my parents tree because they still hang up ornaments I made in preschool and kindergarten.

O & A gingerbread 3
My foam snowman. Must be 30 years old now! These days they aren't giving 4 year olds foam to play with- ha!

O & A gingerbread 2
Ozzie still not interested but at least Andy had fun.

Next year it will be pre-made kits for sure!

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