June 15, 2009

Gargoyles Wanted

Did you know that "legends says gargoyles ward off evil spirits and protect your castle and loved ones?" Who doesn't want a little extra protection if the alarm system suddenly goes on the fritz?

Several years ago in my early twenties one of my roommates added a gargoyle to our yard to protect our house full of young ladies. Ever since then I've wanted a gargoyle of my own.

Now that I have my own house and my garden is finally a place I want to be this summer, I've been searching for the perfect gargoyle friend to welcome me and my guests.

How cute would Maxwell, the thinking gargoyle, from The Gargoyle Store look protecting my newly planted azaleas and hydrangeas?

Or contemplative Dedo? Coincidentally Dedo is the gargoyle who protected me and my friends many moons ago.

Or possibly sweet little Irving who looks lost and pouty?

I'd welcome any of these cute statues to my lovely new garden. Wouldn't you?

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