June 9, 2009

Grow Garden Grow

As I've said before I was truly inspired after reading Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. So inspired that I decided to plant an organic herb and vegetable garden on Mother's Day. It was a small gift to myself in my quest to become a domestic goddess. I have never grown a garden before, don't have much of a green thumb as I've killed all my houseplants {God bless them} and I didn't do my usual preproject research {slight type A personality} so I have been really curious to see what would happen.

Drum roll please...

The garden freshly planted on Mother's Day

The garden today and this picture is after I harvested some spinach and removed bad leaves. My tomato plants, lettuce and spinach are basically taking over!

Remember my little heirloom lettuce I was so excited about?

She's not so little anymore! And strangely enough not so red though you can see a few read leaves in the middle.

Our 2nd harvest from our garden- spinach, cilantro and parsley. Cilantro was our 1st harvest last week. My husband is Hispanic- go figure our 1st harvest would be cilantro!

It's a pretty awesome feeling to cook vegetables grown from your own garden. I didn't know I would enjoy gardening so much. I already know what vegetables and herbs I want to add or omit next year. I can't wait until Ozzie gets old enough to play in the garden with me!

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