June 22, 2009

Ozzie's 1st Haircut

Another milestone, Ozzie got his first haircut. You never really know what you are gonna get from an 11 month old so you can imagine our surprise when Ozzie enjoyed it! At first he was a little apprehensive but he got over that quick since Oscar and I were cheering him on. A little limelight goes a long way with babies. How can you be upset when Mommy, Daddy and the hairstylist are all clapping our hands and chanting, "Yay Ozzie!"?

We took wayyy too many pictures and I posted wayyy too many of them but do you really expect a new Mommy to pick one or two pictures from her son's first haircut. In fact, if this isn't enough for you click here for more photos AND a video!

He was pretty cautious at first, not to sure what was going on.

You can see he started to warm up to it.

Now he's having fun!

Full view of the plane.

Checking himself out in the mirror.

Eating the steering wheel. I love that she kept cutting.

Smiling at Mommy and Daddy when it's over.

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