June 30, 2009

God Made Dirt...

...so dirt don't hurt. This is the mantra I repeated in my head about 100 times while scrapping the dirt out of Ozzie's mouth! He decided to help himself to the dirt in the veggie garden while I was snipping some parsley for dinner.

Some of these pictures are super fuzzy but I had to post all of them because as you can see he thought the whole thing was hilarious and got quite a kick out of himself. The more I told him to open his mouth to show Mommy the dirt, the more he laughed hysterically.

Here is where I remembered to turn off the flash on my camera.

This last one absolutely cracks me up. The shear joy on his face is too funny. It's so fuzzy because by now I was hysterically laughing right along with him. Thank Heaven for little boys!

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