January 23, 2011

38 Weeks Pregnant

I was starting to feel guilty about the lack of pictures I have of myself during this pregnancy. It is so cliche but true when they say everything is documented with your first and every child thereafter gets cheated. So I forced Oscar to take a bunch of pictures of me before we ran some errands.

January 2011 028 2

As you can see I am ready to burst! We breed big babies. Ozzie was 9.5 lbs at birth and my doctor thinks this little girl will be right up there. Luckily I have only gained 22 lbs myself. So I am hoping this baby weight comes off easily, like half of it with her after day one, because my thighs are gigantic!

January 2011 029 2

Ozzie decided that he wanted to get in on a few shots too. I will always welcome him actually posing and smiling for the camera!

January 2011 036 2

January 2011 037

January 2011 038 2

January 2011 035

January 2011 033

January 2011 032 2

January 2011 026 2

And this marks when he got bored and left, ending our little photo shoot.

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