July 1, 2009

Welcome July!

If I'm being honest, I never liked the month of July. I don't like odds {except in decorating}, I hate the astrological sign of cancer {just because of the word, I actually love crabs} and I've never really been a fan of the 4th of July {don't like the mixture of flammable materials and loud noises}. Besides like many American holidays the true meaning behind the celebration is now lost on something less important.These are the random thoughts that go through my head. Blogging allows me to share them. Hey I never said you had to read this but since you are I know I'm nuts!

Okay I don't love July, naturally my son was born in July. So this naysayer is now reformed. I'm learning to embrace the 4th of July and in my ever going quest to become a domestic goddess, I've decided to celebrate Ozzie's first 4th of July with a special red, white and blue treat!

Of course I'm partial to Martha plus her website is already loaded with 24 Red, White and Blue dessert recipes in true Martha fashion. This one is on the top of my list {except I'll use strawberries for the stripes} but don't these others also look tempting?

I wish I could find the recipe for these mini-sugary stars.

I guess I can learn to love any month that celebrates with fresh fruit and whip cream. Plus my little patriot will be 1 at the end of the month. I can hardly believe it and I am so excited it's here!

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