July 18, 2009

Pool Party- Part 3

Ozzie decided to fill his pool up himself because he just couldn't wait for Mommy to get around to it and he NEEDED to go swimming! Okay probably not since he's only 11 1/2 months old and not quite walking yet. However he did grab the hose from me as I was filling up his pool in the morning so it would be the perfect temperature later in the afternoon. I promise I did not stage these photos. He grabbed the hose and I ran to get the camera inside. Please excuse the white onsie look, like I said it was morning and he just woke up. The nights have been too hot for jammies.

Here he is filling up his pool with water. Such a smart little boy!

We may have a future fire fighter on our hands!

Enjoying the scenery as he fills up his pool.

This is getting kind of heavy. I think I'll have a squat and maybe taste the hose. Mmmm...

Oh look I can play with the water while I fill up my pool! And later that afternoon...

The water temperature was just right for a mid-afternoon swim.

Ahhh the lazy days of summer...

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