July 14, 2009

Pool Party- Part 1

Although this week has brought typical Seattle weather {gloomy mid-60's with clouds, rain and some sun} the last few weeks were really warm and sunny. Oscar's brother gave Ozzie an old turtle pool as a hand-me-down and Ozzie got to test it out while the weather was nice.

Ozzie loves the water, we still bath him in the toddler tub on our bathroom counter in an effort to save our backs from bending over the regular tub. We'll have plenty of years of that. So for now, he uses his toddler tub on the bathroom counter which is great for our backs but not so great for our bathroom floors, counter and mirror. Ozzie LOVES to splash! By the end of his bath everyone and everything is soaked.

I knew he was going to love splashing around in his new turtle pool. He played both in the pool and next to the pool on the turtle pool cover transferring toys back and forth to his little heart's content. We were out there for hours so I'm guessing I have myself a little water baby.

Here are some pictures of Ozzie enjoying the sun on a couple of different days while the weather was warm. Hopefully summer comes back. Summer does that around Seattle, leaves and comes back every couple of weeks until September when it leaves for good until next year.

As usual I posted way too many pictures but I just can't pick and choose. Enjoy!

He was trying to pull off his drawstring on his shorts. He worked at it for quite some time despite me telling him the drawstring was connected to his shorts.

The transferring of toys to the turtle top and back in the pool. This went on all day...

He loves to eat his octopus squirt toy. He does this in his bath too.

Yay for pool time!

Got his poolside gear on after pool time was over. Luckily he was just as happy to get out as he was to get in. No pool tantrums yet.
Hope your summer is filled with some fun in the sun too!

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