July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Continued...

As I said before I am trying to embrace July since Ozzie was born in July. Prior to his birth I never cared for the month of July. I won't repeat my ramblings from before but to sum up it's not my favorite month. Or at least it used to not be my favorite month. Now that my little guy is a July baby I love it right?

In my domestic goddess quest and all around embracing of July, I wanted to make Ozzie a special red, white and blue treat for his first Fourth of July.

I originally wanted to make Martha's flag cake but decided to go with Ina's version after reading the reviews on the web. Plus I've never tried an Ina recipe that I didn't love.

I did modify it a bit by making it a layer cake instead of a sheet cake by cutting my sheet in half, which kind of made it a mini-cake. I also added strawberries as the filler and topper instead of raspberries. I had a huge box of strawberries on hand so they went in the cake. Last, I used whip cream as the icing because whip cream makes for a lighter frosting than a cream cheese frosting. Sometimes on a hot day a heavy cream cheese frosting is too much even for this dessert lover.

Our niece was celebrating her birthday a little late so I made an extra cake and brought it to her party/4th of July party. The party goers gave me a thumbs up and so Ina's flag cake will stay in my repertoire. I have to admit, it was fun to decorate.

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