July 15, 2009

Pool Party- Part 2

Ozzie enjoyed pool time in his little turtle pool so much, we decided to give it a go in the big pool at my Mom & Dad's house. Not surprisingly Ozzie loved the big pool! Are Leo's really water signs?

Ozzie's cousin Andy was also paying a visit to Pepa & Nanay so Ozzie got to splash in the big boy pool with Andy all day. He really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures {okay too many pictures again} of Ozzie's 1st time in the big boy pool with Oscar, Andy & Pepa.

Ozzie's first dip in the water. As you can see he no hesitation what so ever.

Here's Andy smiling for the camera.

We bought Ozzie this floating car at Toys R Us. Best pool toy ever. His little feet can kick in the water and he's protected from the sun. Too cute!

Andy helping Ozzie steer the car.

Hey where did Andy go? Come back cousin!

Andy pretending to be camera shy!

Ozzie's practicing kicking in the water with Oscar.
I love me some Andy! He's such a good kid.

Pool tricks with Pepa. Pepa is the torpedo under the water.

Ozzie's turn to play with Pepa. Pepa even dunked Ozzie's head under the water and he didn't cry. Mommy almost passed out but Ozzie didn't cry.

He did however cry when we took off his vest and tried to float him on the Andy's floating toy. Pool time was just about over. Ozzie was ready for lunch!

Oscar rescued him and off to lunch and nap time we went!

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  1. Debbie these are awesome. What a fun day(s). What precious, precious memories. The boys are so adorable together. My gosh Ozzie growing up to be such a cute lil' man.