November 30, 2009


I know it is an absolutely ridiculous title, Bitten, but it is only fitting since this is an absolutely ridiculous post. It does, however, explain my absence. Once again I've found myself deeply involved in the world of vampires.

Back in October I told you that I was reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels and how my new found love for the southern vampire series was taking up all of my time, forcing me to ignore my blog. Well in a short lull between books, I picked up the Twilight series. I had only heard good things about it from friends so I figured it would pass my time while I waited for the next Sookie book. Boy did I open a can of worms.

Like millions of other fans, I was immediately hooked. Even more hooked than I was with Sookie. Although at the time I hardly thought that possible. After all, isn't Twilight a teenaged romance novel for crying out loud? But isn't that one of the essential elements in every great love story? Young, tormented lovers a la Romeo and Juliet or Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy? Yes Twilight has all of the makings of a classic love story full of drama, tragedy and tormented teenaged love. Sigh.

And that is only the beginning. My timing was spot on. Just as I finished the books, I ordered up the first movie, Twilight, via Netflix and promptly watched it twice. Then I forced Oscar to take me to the theater for the second movie, New Moon, that was just released; reminding him that both would make perfect stocking stuffers for his ever so crazy wife.

Sadly I still haven't had my fix. Because I was so engrossed by the story I found myself madly reading and flipping pages like a crazy person. I finished all four books {plus the fifth book online that will never be completed due to a leak} all 2800+ pages in less than a week! Since I am not ready to say goodbye to Bella, Edward {especially Edward}, Jacob and the rest of the Cullens I am starting over. This time I will read slowly and methodically taking it all in now that I know the happy ending.

So please understand if my December posts are few and far between. Like I said- bitten. Laugh if you want but I'll tell you what I told my husband after seeing New Moon. If loving a teenaged vampire is wrong then I don't want to be right.

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