November 3, 2009

Halloween Playdate

Ozzie and I had a play date with my friend, Trinette, and her daughter, Vivi, the day before Halloween.

He is finally getting to the age where he actually plays with the other children at play dates. When he was still in the mirror play mode, he happily enjoyed the other child's toys while completely ignoring them. So it was fun to watch Ozzie and Vivi play and laugh with each other.

He thought she was hilarious in her ball pit and Vivi was constantly offering him new toys to play with; which he happily obliged. I was happy that they played well together since I always enjoy the company of my sweet friend.

We decided to dress them in their costumes in an attempt to get a picture of them together but neither of them would cooperate. I think they still look adorable as we chased them around the house with our cameras.

Here are a few pictures from our fun day!

A lion and a frog

Out of their costumes

Wanting out of the house!

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