November 8, 2009

Oscar's Tequila Spritzer

Last night Oscar and I had old friends over for dinner and drinks. Well it really wasn't planned that way, dinner was but drinks were kind of a last minute thought. We're not huge drinkers around the house of O.

But Oscar had a trick up his sleeve and sent me to the grocery store to pick up Diet Squirt of all drinks. Diet Squirt, while good, is not normally in our drink repertoire.

He concocted this delicious drink, kind of a fake margarita slash tequila spritzer. Also, low calorie considering you are using Diet Squirt in place of margarita mix. Sounds crazy folks but I'm telling you it was good! We were all happily surprised.

We always have such a fun time with our dear friends and for once I got to partake in the festivities because I am not pregnant or breastfeeding! I am hoping the same is true next summer because I can not wait to suck these down on a hot day!

Oscar's Tequila Spritzer

Diet Squirt
Sweet & Sour

Fill margarita glass with crushed ice
Add 1 shot of tequila {or more if you wish}
Fill glass with Diet Squirt
Add a splash of sweet & sour
Add a squirt of lime


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