April 23, 2009

Monkey Lover

Have I ever told you that I love monkeys and collect them? Well if not, I do.

Oscar and I saw this adorable scene as it happened on our video monitor and he had to sneak into our son's room to snap a picture. Is there anything better?

The best thing about my baby and his monkey is that it's really my monkey. When Oscar and I started dating, 10 years ago!, I told him that I loved monkeys. So for Christmas of course I got a monkey stuffed animal. It was the first and only stuffed animal he got me since we were in our mid-twenties for goodness sake.

I knew Oscar and I would have babies some day (how did I know in our first year? you just do) so I hung on to that adorable stuffed animal for 10 years (pack rat?). I can't tell you how heartwarming it is to now see Ozzie love my monkey.

He is the perfect little monkey, don't you think? Perfect shade of tan, perfect furriness, perfect little monkey face and so so soft. He goes perfect with my little monkey- also perfect in every way.

Oh and for all of you freaking out that he's laying on his belly, he's 9 months old. We start the night on his back but if he ends up on his belly I'm not waking him up to flip him over! Pediatrician approved.

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