April 6, 2009

Gymboree Birthday Party

Ozzie and I were invited to a friends son's birthday party at Gymboree Play & Music on Sunday. Now that Ozzie is crawling, I knew he would enjoy this and couldn't wait to watch him experience it. As I've mentioned before he loves seeing other kids and since he's home alone with me all day I need to take full advantage of these opportunities when they come up.

The birthday boy turned 3 so most of the kids were that age and running around like crazy little monkeys, as they should. In order to keep Ozzie from getting trampled, another friend with twin girls and I kept the little ones in a safe corner most of the day. They still LOVED their little area.

Gymboree does a great job keeping the kids entertained with music, games (who doesn't love the parachute game?) and a few people on staff to play with the kiddos. I was pretty impressed and will probably host one of Ozzie's older birthday parties there. My only gripe was how loud the music was, kinda felt like I was 21 again and at a bar in Pioneer Square .

Here are some pictures of Ozzie enjoying the party. Please excuse his bangs, once again they were growing out of control and into his eyes so I took a pair of scissors to them again before the party. I really need to take him to a professional to get his haircut. I royally screwed up his bangs this time!

We started off with the inner tube. Aren't the twins adorable? Mind you they are 15 months old and Ozzie is 8 months old and they are pretty much the same size. He takes after his Daddy.

Ozzie is trying to eat the inner tube. He still loves putting everything in his mouth. At one point he opened his mouth so wide I thought he might actually get one of his bottom teeth into it.

His new crinkle nose smile. He started doing this a few weeks ago and now only smiles like this. Needless to say he was super excited.

After the inner tube we moved on to the wiffle balls. He loved putting those in his mouth too. Check out those bangs- yikes!

Next was the soft stairs. There's that crinkle nose smile again.

Quick stop from climbing the stairs to pose for Mommy.

He wasn't too sure of the wood slide.

Watching the parachute game next to the birthday boy.

His all time favorite toy of the day was the tunnel. He loved it so much, I'm going to have to buy him one for home.

Almost through the tunnel!

That was so much fun, I'm going back through the other end!

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  1. LOVE the tunnel pics. It'll be a good investment, even if you just get a one or two piece set.

    I love Gymboree's "furniture". Boy, was I in for a shock when I looked for some of those climbing towers, mats, etc. and found that those things are several hundred dollars A PIECE! No wonder they want so much for a membership! I agree about the music. Turn it down a little!

    We attended a free session and Ian was more interested in exploring and less interested in the group activities. It was a bit overwhelming when it came to "circle time". Glad Ozzie had fun...and mommy, too! :)