April 18, 2009

Another Amazing Birthday Party

It's really hard to commit to a monkey themed 1st birthday party when I keep finding so many fun kids birthday parties on other blogs.

Just check out this party from armelle. I mean the invitations alone make me all a flutter. And why is it every time I find a cool new birthday party post, I find a cool new mom's blog that I want to start following? I guess us mommy bloggers rock!

The clown nose photo booth is too funny. I've heard of photo booths at weddings but at a kid's birthday party? That's a serious commitment to grand ole time.

Another great birthday party idea for a boy! Thanks for the inspiration!

*photos courtesy of armelle

1 comment:

  1. Oh, this is awesome. I need to plan a birthday party THIS WEEK! Whoops. Kind of snuck up on me!

    Debbie, I wanted to thank you for your kind comments. You are very sweet. I'm glad to 'meet' you!