April 14, 2009

Two New Recipes and a Garland

This year Easter snuck up on me so I didn't get to complete a lot of crafts that I had planned on for Ozzie's first Easter. It's amazing how one little munchkin can totally throw off your world. Since Ozzie has arrived, I'm finding myself with less and less time. I can't imagine how mothers with more than one child make it through the day. I just keep thinking about Kate of Jon & Kate Plus 8, how in the world does she survive?

But I digress, so Easter snuck up on me and I didn't get to make Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs and Paper Flowers but I did get to do this....

Bird Nest Cup Cakes- I knew my nephew, Andy, who is 7 was coming over so I wanted to make a fun cup cake that I thought he'd enjoy. I basically followed this recipe from MS except I added Hershey chocolate eggs instead of creating birds out of icing. I know my limits!

On that note, I went to Target on Good Friday to pick up Easter candy and they were sold out of Cadbury Mini Eggs, the original eggs I wanted to put on the cup cakes. Can you believe it? How do you sell out of Cadbury Mini Eggs before Easter? Mini Eggs are Easter!

The chocolate buttercream frosting was deelicious! I've never made homemade frosting before and honestly I don't think I let the sugar melt completely but it was still yum yummy.

Did I start with dessert first? Sorry, you know where my priorities are. For an appetizer I made Artichoke-Olive Crostini from Smitten Kitchen. I am trying to find a new "go to" appetizer to replace my baked brie. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I think the brie has out warmed it's welcome to all of my friends parties. Anyway, the crostini was a hit! If you haven't tried any of her recipes yet you ARE missing out.

Last but not least, I made the now infamous garland by Pamela Garrison seen on many blogs around these parts. I went the muffin cup route vs. the coffee filter. But I want to try the coffee filters too, I'd stain them with tea to make warmer colors though, I'm not a fan of whitey white.

Of course I made them with the pale pink cupcake cups I had at home along with some pretty pink papers so I ran out quick and my garland is small but I sure do love it. It's so pretty it belongs in a little girls room.

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  1. Debbie everything looks so yummy! (Including the garland!)

    Those cupcakes are awesome! Nice work buddy, nice work!!